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Would you like to have a steady flow of traffic to your web site from natural search engine results?

When your site is in the Top Ten of natural search results you get a steady flow of targeted traffic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! These potential customers are actively searching just for your products or services.

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With natural search results, you get highly targeted consumers who are specifically looking for your products and services.

Compare these facts to any other form of advertising. Newspaper, TV, radio, telemarketing and even direct mail are not nearly as targeted as natural search results. Pay Per Click (PPC) and Paid Listings can not compare to the quality of traffic that Natural Search results provide.

Let's also look at more traditional forms of advertising and media.

Radio ads are an average of 30 seconds and they don't have a high retention rate.

TV has many of the same problems as radio because of the duration of the ad. People must wait for the commercial a second ot third time to acquire your contact information, not to even mention the cost of a TV ad even in a local market.

Direct mail and email share a similar fate, where does yours end up?

Telemarketing makes me ask you this question, are you on the National Do Not Call List?

Keep in mind that all of these forms of advertising are also considered "Mass Advertising". Why would you spend advertising dollars marketing your product or services to people who are not actively looking for you.

Now, are you ready for the constant stream of steady customers
that a Professional SEO Company
can provide?



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