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Our core competencey is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Many new upstarts will make this claim, but very few can either back it up or have the tenure to really know what they're doing, and what is the impact their decisions have on the long-term success of your web site. We are typically the second or third SEO Company a business will hire, but we're always the one they keep. When it comes to SEO, experience really does matter.

When you contact us, we'll freely disclose our clients who are all on the frst page of Google for competitive keywords andkeyword phrases. Everything is transparent and we explain everything so you understand it in busines terms. Are you ready to have prospects calling you, instead of the other way around? Call us at 402-896-8055 today.

Search Engine

Search Engine Marketing, also known as PPC (Pay Per Click) and Google AdWords, is a service we provide to some of our clients to supplement their SEO efforts. Although we ususally don't encourage the use of PPC, there are some special occasions where it may provide some benefit. The biggest issue we have with PPC is that as soon as you stop paying, your ads disappear, whereas with SEO once you have your position in the search engines, then you just have to defend it from competitors.

Historically our clients receive significantly more ROI (Return On Investment) with SEO as opposed to SEM. However, for brand new web sites or web sites that have significant competition, SEM may be an option a client should consider. Our SEM resources are highly skilled in navigating the byzantine world that is Google AdWords. We have seen many business expend significant amounts of money for little or no return using PPC, so please be sure you have a very knowledgeable expert before embarking on any PPC campaign.

Social Media

There is no question that social media has changed the way the world sees marketing today. The impressive growth of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and many others shows how people are now using the internet. Almost everyone these days has an account on Facebook or Twitter. Many more are coming to other social networking sites each day. As the world see this growth in social media, people cannot help but see the importance and influence this can be in business marketing. Business owners and experts are now considering the many opportunities that social media has opened for marketing purposes. This is the reason your business needs professional help in incorporating social media into your business marketing plans.

Professional Website

In addition to our core SEO services, we also design and build professional web sites that make your busness shine. If you're going to be found on the first page of the search engines, you'd best have a web site that can help convert visitors into customers. This can sometimes be more difficult than it sounds and requires both experience and attention to detail to get the job done.

Mobile Enabled &

Internet searches from mobile devices has surpassed searches made from laptops and desktop computers. The proliferation of 'smart phones' has made it a requirement that you either have a 'mobile-enabled' web site, or a responsive-designed web site to best service visitors coming to your site from mobile devices. We saw this growing trend and now provide options for your business to meet the demand of mobile searches.

Web Video

Many of our clients have wanted to try videos in their marketing mix. The old way of producing videos was very time comsuming and expensive. With the advent of new technologies and maximizing resource efficiencies, we can produce professional videos at a fraction of tradityional costs. This enables our clients to try video marketing to see how it can help their business, without 'breaking the bank' to get it done.

Analytics and

As a marketing professional, Analytics and Reporting can help you to understand ways to convert more web visitors into customers and how to cut down on the cost of advertising. For instance, if you realize that certain content or ads are not bringing in any value, you can revise them and concentrate on the ones which are more effective. You will also be able to add proper keywords that attract prospects and generate leads. Proper analytics can reveal usable information for different types of users. It can show detailed statistics to give you a more advanced insight on the performance of your website.  It is suitable in tracking the performance and sales activity of a particular website.

Google Analytics is a powerful tracking tool provided by Google that helps to generate detailed statistics regarding the traffic received by a website, where it is coming from and calculates the site’s conversion and sales. It is basically a free service but you can pay for the premium version and get additional statistics. There is a lot of information that you can gain from Google Analytics. For instance, you can know the marketing initiatives that are working best for your site. By reviewing the traffic patterns or trends on your website, you are able to place more energy and time on the advertising campaigns which are most effective. For instance, if you realize that there is little or no traffic in certain times of the day, you can cut down the cost of PPC advertising by closing your ads during such times.

Quality Writing & Unique

SEO copywriting can be described as the practice of writing a copy of a website in such a way that it satisfies web visitors and helps the site to rank better in search engines. In SEO copywriting, it is important to identify the terms which web visitors type into a search box in order to find information they need online. These are popularly referred to as key phrases. Good SEO copywriting must focus on two elements, the web visitor and search engines. Web visitors are simply looking for relevant and useful information. If you are able to come up with good content which satisfies the needs of your web visitors, then you will get a better page ranking. However, you must also focus on optimizing your web pages for popular search engines.

You can have great content online but no one gets to see it. This is why SEO copywriting must be done with search engines in mind. Your site must be properly optimized for certain keywords and phrases. This means that, when web visitors will key in such words or phrases, the website will appear among the first search results. This increases your chances of attracting more visitors on a daily basis. SEO copywriting is very important because, for starters, it engages customers. People will be interested if they come across quality content on your site. This will create a good relationship between the business and its prospects or customers.


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